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Want to know more about us? Here is a little background info:

Drive Smart Driving School owners, Jose Torres and Rodney Crawford, took a major step toward accomplishing their dream today- they opened their doors to their brand new Carrollton location.

Together the partners have over 50 years experience in Drivers Education.  They have taught teens in the classroom, in the car, equipped adults to take their driving test, and made people laugh as they learn in their Saturday driving safety class.  Rodney Crawford will teach the English learners and Jose Torres will teach their Spanish Speakers in the classroom across the hall from his partner.

When planning the location and the set up of the building the most important thing to them was the comfort of their customers both future and the ones sitting in the classroom. “We wanted the kids to enjoy themselves while they are learning to be safe, smart drivers,” said Rodney Crawford pointing out features like the student lounge, and super sized television screen in the classroom.

Doors are open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.  They are already enrolling students into their first class starting May 5th, 2014 at 4:15 pm.


Come by any time during our business hours and check us out!

If you are 18 or older, we have the Adult 6 hour drivers license course available to anyone 18+ that the Texas DPS tells you that you need to take in order to get a license. We even have classroom and drive time packages with the course and you get your completion certificate on the spot.

We will be happy to give you a tour of our school and let you see the cars. English and Espanol spoken!!! Register and get your Driver Education started.  We offer:

 Teen Driving  Teen Classroom

* Adult In-car  (all ages 18 and up!)

*Adult 6 hour permit course (all ages 18 and up!) and Driver Safety.
Driving in Texas can be nerve wrecking. One of the largest areas in the world also has the largest variety of driving styles. At Drive Smart Driving School, we make certain that you are ready for the Carrollton, Texas driving experience. Drive Smart Driving School of Carrollton, Texas will always strive to provide all students with the best tools and instructions to become safe and law abiding drivers. Our private driving instructors has professional drivers background with over 25 years of driving experience. Students graduating from our school help make Texas a better and a safer place for driving.

The caring and polite nature of our private driving instructors make them one of the best in the driving school business. Our driving lessons has all components you will utilize at driving test time and also on a daily basis. Our proprietary driving lesson training methods are one of the most successful in the driving school business. During the practical driving lessons,  student drivers will obtain easy to follow guidance from the our private driving instructors and are able to apply them with ease and confidence.



Our goal at Drive Smart Driving School of Carrollton, Texas, is to help our driving school students pass the DPS Texas Driving Test along with instilling the importance of safe and defensive driving. Students who graduate from Drive Smart Driving School are competent, defensive and confident drivers who will be ready to handle any type of roads at any condition and any part of the world, especially in Texas.






Or for a photo tour of our school and cars click here.