100% Student GUARANTEE

Our 100% Teen Driver Ed Student Guarantee is one of many things that SETS US APART. 

The Guarantee

Drive Smart Driving School located in Carrollton, TX Guarantees every student that enrolls in our driving school. What this means is that if a student finishes the full teen course, and for whatever reason feels the need to revisit the classroom, they can take the entire classroom portion of the course again. For free.They are more than welcome to come back anytime, no expiration.


Like a Family at Drive Smart




What reasons are there for taking the classroom again?






Not all of our students are at the same maturity level when they leave the class. In fact, it is not uncommon to have students ranging from ages 15 – 18 in our classes and we regularly have students from other age ranges as well. As a student’s level of maturity plays a major part in their ability to drive in a way that maximizes the risk management techniques we teach, it is important that they be given ample opportunity to grow as a driver. Driving, especially during the teenage years, is a skill that develops more and more with experience. Gaining that experience may be difficult if you as a parent are reluctant to let your teen drive because of a bad attitude or an inability to take it seriously.

That is where we come in. Sometimes sitting in on the classes again for a second time will be just what was needed to reinforce safe driving practices. It could be that they experience the class with a teacher that they relate to more or classmates that are more encouraging. Upon graduation we encourage you to speak with our instructors if you have any concerns about your teens driving.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to enroll in Drive Smart Driving School you must weigh the options. Driving schools in general are the only real alternative to what is known as “trial and error” learning. As making mistakes on the road can lead to devastating and disastrous results, most parents in the State of Texas choose to enroll their teens in a driving school. At Drive Smart Driving School we understand the gravity of choosing where to send your child for their driving education. Training your child for much more than passing their test and instilling in them the sense of responsibility that comes with driving is what we aim to accomplish with each student.