Adult Course Enroll and Pay

A Permit Course in Carrollton, Texas for 18 years or older with No written or eye test Required at the DPS.   

Classes in English and Spanish

Adult Permit TestEnroll in our Carrollton Adult 6 Hour Driving School Class and the total cost for the class, vision and DPS Exam is $70. This includes unlimited retakes and same day certificate. You are more than welcome to come into our office and enroll and pay in person for the Texas 6 Hour  Adult Permit Course. However, you can also take care of all the details online, and simply show up the day of class. We guarantee anyone who has registered and paid, whether in person, or online,  a spot in the class they registered for. If your not sure of the scheduled times and dates of our Carrollton, Texas 6 hour Adult Permit Class.


This is required by the State of Texas, if you are 18 to 24. Even if you are above 25, not born in Texas or a foreign national, we are approved to give you driving training and help you get to know the road. Our program is approved by the TEA and will help you build the confidence to get out on the road. Our course is comprised of real classroom interaction with our bilingual instructors as well as easy to comprehend questions. Obtaining this valuable knowledge and insight before you get on the road will boost your confidence and driving experience.

All of your financial information is processed through PayPal so you do not have to worry about your payment. We never store or keep your information, we let PayPal take the worries out of online payments with their secure servers. You do not need a PayPal Account to use this service.